Residential Home Care In Havering For Children And Young Adults

Welcome to BenArisHomeUK. We are a residential care home based in London, here to help the local council authorities, and other care organisations across the UK. Our approach is to meet the care needs for  Children and Young Adult by  providing Quality Care, Support, Direction, and Advice.

Contact us directly on +44 70 859 4424  / +44 7501 198446

Deputy Manager 

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Why BenAris

BenArisHomeUK is about providing more than just accommodation for vulnerable  Children and young adults. It’s about listening to their problems, providing support and direction, supporting in mental health intervention  and helping them shake off that vulnerability, to become self-sufficient, and capable, with the tools to navigate through society going forwards. From a past  personal experience, many care providers fail to do this, resulting in negative outcomes for the people being cared for. Our residential home care in Havering aims to change this, to  help  Children and young adults to get the best possible start from where they find themselves.

For information, please contact BenArisHomeUK on

+44 70 859 4424  / +44 7501 198446

Deputy Manager – +44 74 7276 0469

What we do

We provide long term, respite, temporary and semi-independent provision, residential care for Children and  Young Adults, This includes  Children and Young Adults who have complex needs, Mental Health , refugees and unaccompanied asylum seeking children from overseas,  Children and Young adult who are unable to live with their families, Young Adult transitioning into independent leaving, and  Children and Young Adult with minor disability.

Our  work encompasses addressing social, emotional and mental health needs, helping Children and  Young People overcome trauma or abuse, or help with living with moderate learning disabilities.

Our Care List

We care for young people who

  • Are victims of trauma
  • Are suffering with low self-esteem/lack of confidence
  • Are emotionally or behaviourally challenged
  • Have sensory impairments
  • Are difficult to place
  • Are victims of domestic abuse or violence
  • Are sibling groups
  • Are high risk
  • Are multiple absconders
  • Misuse substances
  • Have mental health issues


This can range from asking about their day at school or college, to being there as a counsellor and guide.


Learning their aims and aspirations, and providing emotional support in achieving their ambitions / Goals.


Helping them avoid bad decisions and situations, and more importantly, how to recognise these in the future


Providing motivation and helping them to self-motivate themselves in the future, so they can fulfil their Goals.

Providing care for an emergency placement

Children and Young adults in the care system often have complex emotional, behavioural, and educational needs, and our  role as a care-giver is to ensure these needs are met while safeguarding them from risk of exploitation.  At BenArisHomeUK  we will do everything in our power to ensure that all Children and  Young Adults who enters our care have their needs met, and are able to fulfil their potential.

Meeting a range of complex needs:

Each Children and  Young Person who comes into our care has unique emotional, behavioural, and educational needs, such as:

  • Social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Moderate learning disabilities
  • Risk of exploitation or abuse
  • Help with recovery from abuse in the past

BenArisHomeUK is here to help Children and Young Person with every step of their journey, to help with cope with their past, and build a better future.